martedì 12 gennaio 2010


Oh..., coffee!
The worst flavour I could imagine my tongue to taste!
Coffee smell is able to make me sick! ;PPP
Especially in the morning, early morning, when my stomach is empty!
Later, things don't change too much!
But it's right this way! I'm a tea-woman! ;DDD
For me nothing it's better than tea! Nothing!
(I love chocolate, but not to drink it!)
(Ah, well... alchool is another issue! ;))) )
So it has been strange to know, today, I'm a member of 321pausacaffe! ;DDD
321pausacaffe. What's 321pausacaffe???
My friends, a group of coffee addicted girls, have given birth to it, and now, all of us have to bring up it!
As a baby! :OOO
(Did you think about what were you doing, reckless women???)
Anyway... it's gone, now!
And I must admitt there is a way i like coffee: when beans are covered with chocolate! (slurp! ;9 )
So, my coffee break is going to be chewed...

PS: my name is 'no coffee', so I write in english! Enjoy it!

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