lunedì 12 luglio 2010


Some times my father tell me that, when he was young, in Pisa, following an universitary course, in the refectory, he used to drink milk at every meal.
He and other people.
I couldn't.
Only to think a similar thing I feel ill!
As soon as I was able to do it, I stopped to drink it.
Oh, don't worry for me about calcium!
I eat more than enough of cheese, butter & co.
And what about tea?
Well, English people use to put milk in the tea...
I tasted it in a tea-room in Rottingdean (if my memory doesn't fail! Anyway it was near Brighton).
There are photos to prove this.
It was the first and the last time!
I'm sorry, but I prefer warm, clear, fragrant (even if spiced) simple tea!